Brand Creative

Arresting brand creative helping brands undergo transformations that give them a competitive edge

Oxfinder are brand creatives who look to achieve commercial success for those who choose to engage us

A brand is your company's face to the world and the critical first step in delivering your business success story. Let us help you articulate your brand and build an identity that leaves your competitors behind.

Whether you require a new brand, a brand refresh or brand architecture for your organisation, Oxfinder can produce all your branding requirements. Including brand strategy, naming, logo design, identity and brand guidelines. Working together, we will learn about your brand vision, objectives, customers and market and deliver for you a brand which your customers want to choose instead of the competition.

How we approach brand creative

With an open and curious mind, and clean white board we capture a whole lot of interesting information about you, your customers, and the market to understand:

  • The one big thing that makes you special
  • Who your customers are, the challenges they face and how you solve these for them
  • The compelling thing which will arrest the market when they hear about it

With this groundwork underway, we have everything we need to develop brand creative which over time will be embedded within the minds of your customers.

Brand guidelines

From an introduction set of guidelines to a more elaborate version to ensure your brand is future proof. We can advise you on everything relating to the brand including applications of the brand across all your marketing communications, brand values, tone of voice, strapline, logo usage, fonts, colour palette and more.

Do you need help with the creation and implementation of an effective digital marketing strategy for your business?

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