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Community nonprofits and charity advertising on oxfordcity.co.uk, the leading online community listing for charities, nonprofit businesses, community groups and organisations across Oxford and Oxfordshire

Community and charity advertising for effective promotion of your organisation to achieve better participation, support and donations

Supporting the local community can bring a host of benefits to individuals, groups and charities. In Oxford and across the whole of Oxfordshire people are lending a helping hand to make new friends, learn new skills, advance their careers and, most importantly, give something back to their local community.

Charities in the area are also reliant on volunteers and fundraisers, but equally important is help via donations to enable them to achieve fundraising targets to continue their essential work throughout the community.

All groups, charities and community organisations need as much visibility as possible to attract volunteers and financial support for their good causes. If you’re part of an Oxfordshire group or local charity and need to generate additional exposure for your organisation there is an affordable community group and charity advertising opportunity via oxford city.co.uk

Promote your charity or community group and get a large return on investment for just £149/year

Connecting with your community and generating reach and visibility for your organisation can be time consuming and expensive. For charities, the cost of marketing is often queried when fundraising efforts and successes are compromised by high advertising costs. To get greater visibility for your Oxfordshire or Oxford charity or community group, get it listed on oxfordcity.co.uk with an Enhanced Entry.

As the foremost community listing for Oxfordshire, an Enhanced Entry at just £149/year gives you priority listing within one of the most searched categories of the website. You also get a detailed page where you can promote your organisation, include images, descriptions, contact details and links for visitors to use to donate or make contact with you.

Does your charity or community project need donations, volunteers or support? 
For further information visit oxfordcity.co.uk/advertise or email info@oxfinder.co.uk

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