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School advertising on oxfordcity.co.uk for schools and colleges to attract and engage with the best new students

In this modern digital era, traditional methods of obtaining new students are simply outdated and ineffective. School advertising via press adverts and direct mail are no longer reliable methods for schools because of high costs and low return on investment. Potential applicants for schools are doing much of their research online before fully engaging with the school, so it’s imperative that schools promote themselves online and make themselves as visible and as attractive as possible.

If you’re responsible for marketing a school and need to find new or alternative school advertising methods of attracting new applicants, it isn’t always easy to find a mix of online marketing solutions that fit within your budget. A low-cost and very effective lead generation solution on oxfordcity.co.uk could be your answer.

Attracting new pupils or students to your school can be affordable

In the past, when parents wanted to obtain information about your school, the only option available for them was to call or send email. Parents now access a multitude of information for competing schools and colleges by simply searching online, and if you’re not visible, they won’t find you.

Oxfordcity.co.uk offers schools, colleges and education organisations an opportunity to promote themselves on the leading education listing site in Oxfordshire. At just £149/year an Enhanced Entry provides priority listing within the EDUCATION category and a lead-generating detailed page about the establishment.

Are you trying to attract new students to your school or college but your marketing budgets are shrinking? Give your school greater visibility with an Enhanced Entry, the effective school advertising opportunity with priority listing on oxfordcity.co.uk  
For further information visit oxfordcity.co.uk/advertise or email info@oxfinder.co.uk

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