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Across Oxfordshire there are hundreds of health and beauty businesses including beauty salons, hairdressers, and health spars vying for the attention and custom of their local market. In this age of maintaining or improving the way we look, feeling good about ourselves, or even changing our appearance, the rise in health and beauty businesses has been significant. Health and beauty particularly in Oxford, has seen a rapid rise in the number of cosmetic clinics, specialist surgeons and dental practices.

Despite the increase in demand for health and beauty, competition for new business has become severe where small salons are toe to toe with larger national brands who have franchised within the area. Local press can be saturated with ads and promotions, resulting in businesses spending large advertising budgets with limited return on investment. If you’re a hairdresser, beautician or run a health and beauty business you’ve probably already invested in a website or social media to push your latest products and beauty offers. Using digital channels is definitely the smart way to achieve growth, where your promotional messages have greater reach and penetration. Using Facebook for example, or your website to tell the world about your offers, can be enhanced further by getting referrals or new enquiries from Oxfordshire’s essential health and beauty listing - oxfordcity.co.uk

Health and Beauty referrals and new business enquiries for just £149/year

Oxfordcity.co.uk offers all businesses and individuals from dentists and cosmetic surgeries to hairdressers, beauty salons and health spas the opportunity to promote themselves throughout the year. At just £149/year an Enhanced Entry provides priority listing within the HEALTH & BEAUTY category and a lead-generating detailed page about the establishment.

Give your voice a better chance of being heard and start receiving new business enquiries at an affordable rate via oxfordcity.co.uk

Does your salon need extra customers to help your business grow, or are you looking for an effective way of getting your promotions heard by the local community? Get your health and beauty business listed on oxfordcity.co.uk
For further information visit oxfordcity.co.uk/advertise or email info@oxfinder.co.uk

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