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The ideal opportunity to advertise bed & breakfast guesthouses, hotels and self catering holiday homes and apartments on the leading accommodation listing for Oxford and Oxfordshire.

Advertise bed & breakfast, hotels or self catering apartments on oxfordcity.co.uk for higher visibility & more profitable bookings throughout the year

Visitor and tourist numbers are increasing each year all across Oxfordshire. Economic statists published by Oxford City Council identify that there are 7 million day time and staying visitors each year to Oxford itself, which itself becomes the tourism gateway to the rest of the county.

Accommodation providers from the largest hotels, to boutique guesthouses and self catering properties are vying for a slice of this highly competitive market. With the profound emergence of online travel agencies like booking.com, Trip Advisor and Trivago, finding a place to stay in Oxfordshire like everywhere else in the world has turned into a hunt for the best bargain or in most cases the cheapest price. For many visitors this is ideal when on a tight budget, but the accommodation providers are paying a high price with ever smaller margins.

Get bookings and enquiries from guests who aren't just interested in the cheapest price

Oxfordcity.co.uk offers hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs and self catering apartments an opportunity to promote their properties on the leading accommodation listing site for Oxfordshire, and benefit from a predictable flow of booking enquiries throughout the year. At just £149/year an Enhanced Entry provides priority listing within the STAY category, and a full detailed page of the property.

If you're running a property in Oxfordshire or Oxford, an Enhanced Entry will provide exposure to large numbers of daily visitors, and due to the optimised structure of the site, your detailed page will become highly visible on Google search results as well. Unlike the major online travel agents, we can help direct traffic towards you, and where visitors are looking for more than just a bargain stay. This is your opportunity to promote the personality or major features of your business to help you achieve the margins you deserve.

Have you got a hotel, guesthouse B&B, or self catering property that needs more bookings throughout the year? 
For further information visit oxfordcity.co.uk/advertise or email info@oxfinder.co.uk

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