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The Inspiration Programme

The Inspiration Programme aims to make young people better equipped for working life, have a greater understanding of their role in society, and enhance their future potential.

The Programme fills gaps in existing provisions within schools and colleges by creating real opportunities for young people. A crucial aspect of the Programme is that it engages them in real experiences with 50% of the 30 sessions outside of the classroom with a range of valued partners. The programme supports young people to have greater belief in their own abilities by becoming more skilled problem-solvers, better team-workers and stronger communicators. As a result young people will be more self-motivated and better prepared to transition from education into employment, benefiting both themselves and their potential employers.

Oxfinder help The Inspiration Programme exploit gaps in the delivery of enrichment activities by schools.

Oxfinder were commissioned to define a strategy which will help Action4Youth create awareness of its enrichment programme - The Inspiration Programme.

Learning extends well beyond the classroom. School education should offer all young people an extensive range of enrichment activities which will support them to be successful in life.

Greater emphasis is needed within schools to address post-school employability of young people and make them better equipped for working life. While schools are required to provide enrichment activities there is little consistency as to what these will be, what outcomes will be achieved or which member of staff will lead on this. A comprehensive enrichment programme for the benefit of young people of all abilities is certainly on the radar for most schools, but gaps in delivery will be prevalent in all of them. These gaps are growing problems for schools which will require addressing. Oxfinder identified the magnitude of the gap to be exploited, and campaign messages directed at Teacher and School Governor audience groups created to demonstrate a simple solution to a complex problem.

The strategy itself was written to create awareness with influencers and decision makers at schools, and then awareness to generate demand with parents and young people. The strategy covered an initial phased approach targeting teachers and school governors, and then introducing additional streams of activity in further phases targeting parents and young people. The strategy covered:

  • growth and momentum
  • target audience and segmentation
  • target area
  • situational analysis
  • positioning
  • content strategy
  • tactics within phases
  • measurement, analysis and adjustment

Creating awareness of the The Inspiration Programme to teachers

the inspiration programme
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Defining a digital marketing strategy to create awareness with influencers and decision makers at schools; and generate demand with parents and young people.

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Write and create all campaign creative

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Customised direct mail to pique a recipient’s interest with literature they will want to read and will not want to immediately throw away.

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Set up and implementation of message, video and text ads targeting audience segmentations.

Oxfinder have designed and led an integrated campaign to launch a new product, our Inspiration Programme. Our initial aim was to raise awareness and, over time, to develop interest in our target audience. In just the first weeks the campaign far exceeded expectations by creating inbound enquiries leading to productive meetings. The performance has been tremendous and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Jenifer Cameron  |  CEO, Action4Youth

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