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Knowledge share and social hub website designed and developed for V Purposeful Strategy

V helps organisations to stand for something vital as they define their future place and their reason for existing.

Organisations need to be ready to address the future with purpose, even if this means radical, objective re-thinking of their place, culture and conduct. The visionary, purposeful and high impact strategic practices that V create, will enable them to become the optimum organisation of the future.

V approached Oxfinder to create an online solution to elevate the visibility of its practice and create a content hub to help organisations see how purposeful strategy can help safeguard their futures and make them relevant with everyone they interact with. Its practice of knowledge leadership is based on decades of insight into organisations past, current and future states and through a deep understanding of, and involvement with, latest academic and real world thinking. A new online solution was needed to underline this position and encourage visitors to challenge or engage with V.

Vstrategy.co.uk was designed and developed to enable organic growth of relevant content which creates interest and channels enquiries. It is an online repository of thoughtful, challenging and regularly published articles. Alongside two separate blog areas each with their own focus, the main hub of the site is a social space known as V. Interesting. Soundbites, social shares, and recommendations are pulled in from multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, and blog sites to create a wall of intrigue and social activity that illustrates the ideas and practices of purposeful strategy.

The site itself is a a simple custom-built WordPress development, but the fun for Oxfinder was integrating with different social accounts and platforms to create a visually exciting experience.

V strategy - website design and brand creative
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Brand Creative

Creation of a minimalist brand style including logo, colour palette and visual styling across website and social applications.


Creation of user journeys and a working prototype to achieve optimum user experiences.

Website Design

Style tile and user interface progressed from a working prototype.


Custom-built in WordPress.

Quality Assurance Testing followed by User Acceptance Testing

Social Wall

Development of "V. Interesting", a social wall linking content publishing and client social activity into a highly visual user interface.


100% accessible to users of all devices from mobile to desktop.

I thought that creating a multi-faceted, user friendly, brand new website for my complex business proposition, designed to engage with a highly demanding audience, would be a serious challenge.

I assumed that creating and implementing a full, integrated social media programme with diverse content origination and curation would be impossible.

Oxfinder proved me wrong on both counts. They took on my difficult brief and have created a website that is stunning in its architecture, functionality and appearance, highly regarded by viewers and already delivering great results. They have designed a social campaign that crosses many platforms with highly organised and relevant content and is already taking my business engagements through the roof. Between the site and the social media activity, I feel that I have a powerful, co-ordinated and valuable online presence for the first time.

Importantly for me, the way that Oxfinder carefully guided me through this process, organised reporting and planning, managed content creation/curation and developed a highly workable ongoing management system has been superb.

I couldn't imagine achieving so much, so completely and so well with anyone else and I can't thank Marcus and Oxfinder enough.

Steve Cook  |  V

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