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Relaunch of brand and website for The ADHD Clinic

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common disorder, occurring in around 5% of school-age children and 2.5% of adults, where people who are affected by ADHD typically show high levels of symptoms relating to poor concentration, disorganisation, impulsivity, hyperactivity and mood instability.

The ADHD Clinic has been established as one of the only dedicated adult ADHD treatment centres in the UK, in response to a growing understanding that this condition has been misunderstood, ignored and under-represented for too long.

Oxfinder were invited to help develop a brand style for The ADHD Clinic and apply it through an online destination for healthcare professionals and for individuals and their families affected by ADHD. Although the business was well established under the leadership of Dr Sally Cubbin, there had never been a credible online portal to effectively generate enquiries, and give out relevant information to very different types of audience.

To describe in detail the effects, symptoms and treatment of this complex medical condition, web design needed to consider an organised structure. Giving too much information together can cause confusion and be overwhelming, and similarly the process of creating user journeys always needed simple and relevant next steps to help the user get closer to the answers they needed about ADHD. Oxfinder developed a full working prototype to test the accuracy of user journeys and provide an interactive interface to confirm layout and structure of content.

The new site was launched within 3 months and features an online ADHD assessment questionnaire based on an internationally respected screening tool for ADHD. It is not diagnostic but is created to offer users an idea as to whether ADHD is a disorder which they may consider getting a full and professional assessment for. This was developed to encourage interaction with the site, and initiate lead generation.

Throughout the site, 'stories' have been used to demonstrate the affects of ADHD in adults in all areas of life including at home, at work, in education, in relationships and in social situations. Each story can help users identify similar problems in their own lives, as well as help improve the visibility of the site on search engines across a wider range of topics and keywords.

The ADHD Clinic - web design and brand creative
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Brand Creative

New identity including logo, tone of voice, colour palette and visual styling for marketing communications


Creation of all user journeys and a working prototype to achieve optimum user experiences.

Web Design

Style tile and page visuals routed into new brand identity.


Custom-built in WordPress.

Quality Assurance Testing followed by User Acceptance Testing

On-page SEO

Keyword research and mapping.

Mandatory optimisation of each page.


100% accessible to users of all devices from mobile to desktop.

Oxfinder have been superb in every aspect of their approach to, and implementation of, our website and social media activity. From initial meetings to scope out our complex needs, through the design of carefully considered web architecture, user experience and content management and into design and build of the finished site, Oxfinder, led by Marcus, have been brilliantly explanatory, advisory and helpful at every step of the way. In addition, the processes Oxfinder established to ensure the highest levels of communication, client management and information share, meant that we always knew the status of the work and had clear milestones for every aspect of it - including the elements that we had to provide.

Because our site has to describe in detail and within very strict professional guidelines, specifics of complex medical conditions and treatments, we needed a solution that could provide large amounts of content in highly organised sections. However, because our site is used by patients and their families, many of whom are very concerned about mental health, it had to be easy to read, intuitive and very easy to navigate through to get the most information.

As an additional complexity, it also needed to talk to Healthcare professionals in a suitable way to provide knowledge and information at a high level.

Oxfinder managed to not only bring all these elements and requirements together superbly, they were also able to meet our wish for a high quality look and feel for the site that reinforces our clinics position as a serious, premium healthcare provider.

Over and above everything, Oxfinder made us feel completely confident in our website design and build. We are not experts in this area and so needed guidance and reassurance throughout. Oxfinder made it seem easy for us. We are continuing to work with Oxfinder to create the right social media and SEO to promote our site and clinic. This will be an ongoing relationship.

So, I would not hesitate to recommend Oxfinder to anyone looking to create a new website or to develop their current site and grow their online presence.

Dr Sally Cubbin  |  The ADHD Clinic

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